I’m an expert in conversion funnel optimization, social media marketing, layered interest targeting, extending ad-reach, low-cost lead capture, multi-variate testing and automating campaign optimization.

I currently teach advanced courses in next-generation digital marketing, specifically focused on the principals of epidemiology as applied to contest and giveaway promotions, bot-powered automation for messenger based advertising, and easy-to-achieve SEO rankings. The courses are designed to compliment each other.

I care about the evolution and application of new technologies to the fields of marketing, advertising, publicity, public relations, open markets, global talent, scale-able solutions, elegant conversions, consumer driven campaign scaling and I am a giant evangelical proponent of open source stacks. Further, I am a production monster:

I’m a deeply experienced Digital Polymath. Project Manager, Producer, Developer and advanced Marketer/Advertiser with a Fortune 100 publishing background, tier-one ad agency experience with Fortune 100 clients. I’ve also taken repeated turns in start-up environments, some good and some bad. Each has been an education in and of itself.

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